Down to the final editing

Down to the final editing

All 20 chapters are written and now the first 16 chapters have final PDFs. We’re down to just the last bits of editing and fine-tuning before the book’s production can begin. It’s exciting and also really nerve wracking. What if something I wrote was wrong? (Imposter syndrome is kicking in) What about typos or poor grammar? (My awesome Packt Publishing editors and reviewers have that one covered!) What if nobody reads books these days or maybe they just don’t need this book?

I’ll find out soon enough if any of those things happens, since I’m sure the first few reviewers will let me know of any mistakes I made. I will be promoting the book around the web and with my co-workers and clients, as soon as I have something tangible to promote.

As a reminder, I am going to be presenting a session at SuiteWorld 2021 in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 21st. If you are going to SuiteWorld in person or attending virtually, please look me up or check out the presentation! Here’s the page with my presentation’s information:

Consolidate Scripts for Improved Performance [DEV1102SES]

Thanks to Annie D. on Pexels for the swell image I used here.

Take care! Be safe, everyone.