Get help with NetSuite

Get help with NetSuite

Now that the book has been published, I intend to use this blog to share NetSuite tips with the community. If anyone reading this has a tip they’d like me to share too, please let me know and I’ll post your good ideas.

As an employee of Oracle | NetSuite, I spend a lot of time learning about NetSuite, but I know not everyone has that luxury. I have come across a ton of great training and other resources online and elsewhere over the years, so I thought I would write about as many as possible here.

The offical NetSuite options

NetSuite Help / SuiteAnswers - If you can log in to NetSuite, then you can access the online Help and SuiteAnswers, and that’s always a great place to start looking for assistance with a NetSuite problem. The Help pages are very narrowly focused on specific features though. So, if your question is, “What does this field on the Item Fulfillment screen do?", the Help is your friend. But if you’re looking for something else, like “How can avoid having to bill Invoices one at a time”, or maybe, “What does ‘Unexpected Error’ mean?", then you should check out SuiteAnswers. That part of NetSuite hosts a combination of both help pages and what are known as Support Articles. There are a LOT of those too, so I always try searching in SA (as I call it) when I need to learn something new. For the Help pages, just select the Help link in the upper-right corner of any NetSuite screen. For SuiteAnswers, select Support > Go to SuiteAnswers.

NetSuite User Community - - This is the next best place to look for help. That’s the Oracle supported forums, which you also have be a NetSuite client to be able to access (or you have to be a partner). In these forums, you’ll find separate areas for each major part of the product, including ERP, Accounting, SuiteCommerce and so on. These forums are ran by NetSuite, so people from the Support team follow the conversations there and try to answer questions whenever they can. There are a lot of partners and users there too, so answers are very quick most of the time.

And don’t forget the NetSuite Support team, and their more expensive, but really very helpful Advanced Customer Support team. You can reach them via your account contact and learn more about them on the web site.

The other, unoffical options

Other than these official resources, there are plenty of other places you can visit to try to ask NetSuite questions and get help with your issues. These are good options for someone wanting to learn more about NetSuite who doesn’t already have access to an account too. Here’s a quick list with some ideas for you to explore:

Reddit - - there’s a growing and fairly active community of NS users here, so it’s worth checking out for sure. If you’re a technical user (like me), be sure to subscribe to the SuiteScript subreddit as well.

Slack - - This is another privately run community. They have a web site, where you can read the posts and conversations free of charge, without signing up. Or, if you want to get involved, you can sign up (also free) and then communicate with these NetSuite admins, users and contractors in Slack channels. This is a really friendly group, so this is yet another great resource to keep in mind.

Marty Zigman’s Blog - - Marty runs Prolecto, a US NetSuite partner, developer and implementation service. His blog posts are there to drum up business, of course, but they’re so chock full of good ideas, that they’re always a great read. They share tools and script code on occasion too for free, so keep this one in your RSS reader.

The Anchor Group Videos - - If you’re a very new NetSuite user, I really like these free beginner trainings on the Anchro Group’s web site. They are another consulting / services company, but these trainings are very handy for people who are still trying to find their way around a NetSuite account.

Of course, I know of a good book you could read about NetSuite as well, if you’re interested! ;)

Do you know of another good resource for NetSuite learning? Contact me to let me know about it and I’ll update this post to share the news with everyone.

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