Happy New Year! Revised edition coming soon...

Happy New Year! Revised edition coming soon…

Happy 2023, everyone. My book, NetSuite for Consultants was first published in January of 2022 and my fantastic publisher has encouraged me to write updates for it already. I am working on a Second Edition now for 2023. You can see it’s new cover design on Amazon.com already, in fact.

It will include all of the new and interesting changes in NetSuite since the first edition of the book was finalized at the end of 2021, plus a few things readers have asked for in the time since that was published. That’s going to include info on setting up & using Employees, Supply Chain Control Tower, Projects and much more. Stay tuned here and on LinkedIn for more info as we wrap up this new edition. The official publishing date is May 9 2023, as of today.

In addition, my fantastic publisher, Packt, has asked me to locate a couple of people who would want to read the new edition before the public gets it and provide honest reviews. Let me know via the contact page here if you’re interested. We did this with the first edition as well and it worked very well. If you volunteer for this, you would receive a preview copy of the 2nd edition (once it’s finalized) and then you’d be asked to write a review someplace like Amazon.com. Since this book has a small, niche audience, it really helps to have reviews from people who know NetSuite already. There are 17 reviews on Amazon.com right now for the first edition, with an average score of 4.5 (out of 5), which makes me very happy indeed.

Last update for now - Packt is having a sale on all of their eBooks and videos, as they do each year. You can get the PDF (or other format) of all of their books, including mine, for $5 if you hurry over to packtpub.com and check them out. I’m not sure what the last day of the sale is, but I know this is only for a limited time.

(Credit for the image used here goes to Mike Scheid at Unsplash. Thanks!)